Slide background Access to sustainable running water

Each household is equipped with an individual tap,
connected to an individual meter.

The social business created by Eau et Vie
builds the water network and collects the payments
based on micro-credit systems.

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Slide background Firefighting Eau et Vie installs fire-hydrants, sets up
firefighting brigades composed of volunteers
from the community and trained by
professional firemen.
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Slide background Hygiene awareness Hygiene awareness raising sessions are provided
such as the organisation of the “Global Hand Washing Day”.
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Slide background Sanitation Based on the needs of the community, Eau et Vie works on
the implementation of a sustainable sewerage system
as well as latrines facilities.
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Slide background Waste management In partnership with local municipalities, Eau et Vie works
on the waste management services and organizes environment
and waste management awareness campaigns
such as “Neighbourhood Clean-Up Day”.
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Slide background Community building Communities are actively involved in the definition
and setting up of the activities.

Eau et Vie contributes to community building by organizing
training sessions for the population.
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September 2008: Valérie Dumans and Philippe de Roux, Eau et Vie founders, returned to the Philippines with a crazy idea: to install running potable water in each household in the slums. In spite of the challenge and difficulties, this dream became real for 18,000 people in the Philippines and in Bangladesh.

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Before running water

"We used to get water through manual wells..."


Millennium Development Goals

Eau et Vie projects constitute a global approach to improve living conditions in slums, from water access to waste management, including hygiene and environment awareness raising actions. Eau et Vie works hand in hand with communities, in partnership with local authorities and local and international development stakeholders. Actions are designed to integrate a sustainable development plan. Eau et Vie thus participates in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), a United Nations Organization (UNO) project launched in 2000 to reduce world poverty.

Access to running water in the slums of Manila and Cavite (Philippines)

“Shared knowledge” conceived by Doing Good Doing Well company and produced by What’s Up Films, traces three years involvement of the Suez Environnement Water for All foundation (whose achievements were taken over by Suez Environnement Initiatives Fund); combining pictures of the producer Alexandre Dereims and a website designed by Cellules Studio.

Before Eau et Vie project in Bhashantek (Bangladesh)

“We get water from a pump linked to the pipes of illegal vendors. These poor quality pipes have holes and much dirt comes in, even the stools. If someone helps us solve these water problems, we will give all our support.”, explains Rhosheda in 2012.