Photos: Hira and her family in their home

Lockdown life in Bangladesh

Bangladesh - April 2020

We are all impacted by the current health crisis and lockdown but conditions around the world are not all the same. We have chosen to share with you the daily life of our beneficiaries during this period.

As in France, the government of Bangladesh has taken measures and the inhabitants are in lockdown. Industries have stopped, leaving thousands of precarious workers without any resources.

Hira, slum dweller in Bashantek, answered some questions. Hira lives in a small house with her whole family.

She tells us about her daily life and her current feelings.

More than ever before, solidarity between confined people, even on the other side of the world, is important!

Eau et Vie: How do you and your family feel during this period? How do you cope?

Hira: It’s difficult for me and my family as we have been prevented to circulate outside of the house. It’s hard because our house is small and hot. Sometimes we are suffocating, so we need to go out and take a deep breath outside of the house. I would prefer going to work. My family is also stressed to get infected as health care are not accessible in Bangladesh.

Eau et Vie: How is daily life going?

Hira: The food is not sufficient and our family is facing financial crisis. We don’t have fridge and we need to go to the market at least every 2 days to get fresh vegetables which force us to leave the house too much often and eat similar food. At home, I am helping my family to clean and prepare the food for our family.

Eau et Vie: Do you feel any change in the slum (calmness, anxiety, solidarity…)?

Hira: It’s really difficult to keep calm and relax in these tense conditions. I feel a bit sad and depressed. Thankfully, some leaders are taking some steps to provide support and distribute food relief.

Continuing to provide them with access to water free of charge is a strong and vital gesture for them, we could not leave them with the added worry of no longer having access to water. You too, you can help them by contributing to our emergency fund.