Since 2008, Eau et Vie has been promoting the inclusion of those living in precarious neighborhoods in the heart of the cities by facilitating a drinking water network, access to sanitation, fire prevention, training and community mobilization. Eau et Vie contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the population.

Eau et Vie’s activities are based on the NEEDS of the population and contribute to:

  • ­The reduction of diseases and expenses related to water and health;
  • ­ Increasing economic resources by saving time and creating jobs;
  • ­Improving the environment and the self-esteem of those living in precarious urban neighborhoods;
  • The reduction of tensions and violence inherent in unhealthy households and
  • Access to eduction and human rights.

An innovative approach

Based on SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and in liaison with communities and local authorities, Eau et Vie accompanies the creation of LOCAL COMPANIES that build water networks in precarious neighborhoods and distribute it in each house, ensuring all associated services (billing, collection of payments and infrastructure maintenance) throughout the concession period (10 to 15 years). Public places are also connected to the service.

Eau et Vie also creates LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS responsible for hygiene training, strengthening communities and setting up a sanitation and waste management system. The association is a project incubator for the social enterprise.

For a period of approximately 10 years, the two entities work closely together in the intervention areas, to establish services and organize their sustainability. The management of water, waste and sanitation services must eventually be taken over by local authorities or operators.

"Eau et Vie thus contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a project adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to reduce poverty in the world"


Experience shows that the construction of infrastructures (water networks, toilets, sewers) has a positive and lasting impact, provided that social support for beneficiaries structures their mobilization in the implementation of projects. The aim is to strengthen their capacity to organize themselves in a community that aims for a shared objective (the improvement of their living conditions), as well as to organize an appropriate proximity link between these populations and the urban service providers. Residents of precarious areas are not only beneficiaries but development actors with rights and expertise.

Regarding the city, the activities of Eau et Vie make it possible to gradually integrate the inhabitants of the precarious neighborhoods into the formal economy, to ensure that the coverage of basic services is widened. At the level of local operators of water, waste and sanitation, their networks are extensive and secure, the coverage by their extended services and the corruption of agents on the ground reduced.

Working collaboratively with the population, neighborhood leaders, local authorities, and water, sanitation and waste concessionaires contributes to the success of projects.

Where we work

As of today, Eau et Vie works in the urban slums of Philippines, Bangladesh and Côte d'Ivoire.


Eau et Vie, a French NGO founded in 2008, was born from the desire to sustainably improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations. The founders, Valérie Dumans and Philippe de Roux, met in the Philippines while working for the UPLiFT social micro-credit program supported by the Inter Aide association. After their return to France, they continued their engagement with NGOs, public authorities or social enterprises.