The inhabitants: project actors

The local populations benefiting from the projects are STAKEHOLDERS of the activities set up by Eau et Vie. The inhabitants of precarious neighbourhoods are involved in the implementation of activities to meet identified needs and improve their living conditions: they are not mere beneficiaries but actors with rights and expertise.

The inhabitants are involved at every stage of the projects:

  • 80% of the staff of the local teams come from the intervention areas.
  • If the community is not yet structured, elections of representatives of the population are organized.
  • Neighbourhood representatives help identify needs and develop appropriate solutions.
  • Specific partnerships are set up with existing neighbourhood associations (youth associations, women's associations, etc.)
  • The inhabitants actively participate in the implementation of the activities: they facilitate the obtaining of authorizations, resolve possible tensions with the illegal water resellers, participate in the organization of the events "Day of Cleaning of the district", "World Handwashing Day"...) and provide firefighting activities.
  • The inhabitants participate in trainings regarding awareness of hygiene, fire prevention, etc. contributing to capacity building (acquisition of knowledge and skills, improvement of self-esteem, group cohesion ...), which they then use their homes and communities.
  • Eau et Vie organizes thematic committees (fire, waste, sanitation, water ...) with the community representatives to take over the NGO after their departure. These committees will be the interlocutors of local authorities, local operators and the community for the various services.

Impacts of Eau et Vie in image: In the areas of intervention, residents are increasingly taking ownership of Eau et Vie's projects, taking initiatives themselves. District representatives spontaneously offered to meet regularly to clean neighborhood streets and close illegal wells. This type of civic initiative did not exist before the intervention of Eau et Vie.

The involvement of the population in the implementation of development projects is essential for the achievement and sustainability of actions and also contributes to community strengthening.

The projects are adapted to the needs of the populations because they are reflected and elaborated with the community, ensuring the sustainability of the actions.

The self-esteem of the population is strengthened thanks to the satisfaction of the project's success. The impact on the populations is considerable: aware that it can actively participate in the improvement of its living conditions, the community acquires a motivation and enthusiasm to fight for other causes.