Key figures of our activities

Eau et Vie projects impact people across the area of operation: at INDIVIDUAL SCALE (training of fire- fighting volunteers, children education on hygiene...), at FAMILY SCALE (water access within houses...), but also at COMMUNITY SCALE (community neighbourhood clean-up day...).

Few key figures by end of 2015...

3,465 families (17,400 people) connected to safe drinking water

Number of people par household in slums:: 5.9 Philippines, 4.5 Bangladesh

Monthly water consumption of families connected to water network: 7.56 cum (Cavite), 8.74 cum (Cebu), 6.94 cum (Bhashantek)

393 people trained in fire-fighting

3,307 recipients of hygiene awareness raising sessions

613 participants to waste management activities

Financial data

Funding sources

Eau et Vie funds its operations primarily through the support of private partners, sharing views on social entrepreneurship, in the form of donations or loans (water network investments are repayable by social businesses over 5 years).

Since these programs were launched, Eau et Vie benefited from the trust of demanding donors who renewed their support further to Eau et Vie first successes. Each year, new partnerships are set up, each of them being critical to launch new actions in the field. Eau et Vie partners receive annual reports stating the progress of projects they support, as well as annual financial reports.