Eau et Vie aims to IMPROVE LIVING CONDITIONS FOR FAMILIES living in slums of developing countries, through the connection of houses to water network, sanitation trainings and services, waste management and fire-fighting.

All these activities are led in accordance with the population NEEDS, together with communities and local authorities and in PARTNERSHIP with local and international development stakeholders.

These activities contribute to:
  • Reduce water-related diseases or diseases caused by unhealthy environment;
  • Create employment;
  • Reduce risk situations in slums (fires, violence, assaults...);
  • Improve slum residents’ self-esteem.

Our innovative approach

Based on SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Eau et Vie supports the creation of local social businesses involved in water distribution and operating in urban depressed areas, where official distributors cannot meet their profitability standards. Simultaneously, a LOCAL ORGANISATION is created by Eau et Vie, to enhance community building and implement fire-fighting, sanitation and waste management services.

Eau et Vie operates in areas which have long been neglected by public policies. Eau et Vie actions enable to place authorities FACE TO FACE WITH THEIR RESPONSABILITIES and contribute changing the way they consider slum residents. Eau et Vie model states that slum residents are not passive recipients of aids, but are actors and clients who collectively choose to improve their living conditions.

  EAU ET VIE STRATEGIC PLAN is divided into 4 phases covering a 5 to 7 years period:

  1. Provide access to potable running water to families and install fire hydrants managed by trained volunteers from district community.
  2. Train the communities and local leaders in water management, fire-fighting and fire prevention, environment conservation and hygiene.
  3. Install collective sanitation facilities (latrines and sewerage) and waste management.
  4. Build on, assess and measure the impact of these actions on residents’ living conditions.

Countries of intervention

Today, Eau et Vie works in Philippines and Bangladesh slums and is starting a project in Ivory Coast.

Eau et Vie projects constitute a GLOBAL APPROACH to improve living conditions in SLUMS, from water access to waste management, including hygiene and environment awareness raising actions. Eau et Vie works hand in hand with communities, in partnership with local authorities and local and international development stakeholders. Actions are designed to integrate a sustainable development plan. Eau et Vie thus participates in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), a United Nations Organization (UNO) project launched in 2000 to reduce world poverty.  


Eau et Vie is a French organisation established under 1901 French legislation. This Non Government Organisation (NGO), founded in 2008, aims to sustainably improve living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities. Its founders, Valérie Dumans and Philippe de Roux, both met in the field while working in Philippines for a micro-credit program, UPLiFT, supported by Inter Aide organisation. Once they came back to France, they continued their social commitment through several organisations.