Community members: active project participants

Recipients of Eau et Vie projects are considered as actors implementing activities. Being active players in improving their living conditions, communities are involved at various stages of decision making.

If a community is not yet organised, Eau et Vie helps it getting organised thanks to the election of volunteer representatives. These representatives are regularly met in order to define which activities must be implemented and thus, ensure that these projects perfectly MATCH WITH PEOPLE NEEDS. Representatives relay information to the community, seek solutions to problems encountered and are actively involved in activities.

Trainings offered to community (fire prevention, water and sanitation awareness raising, as well as hygiene promotion) contribute towards strengthening slums social and political organisation (acquisition of knowledge and skills, increased self-esteem, group cohesion...).

In operating areas, inhabitants embrace more and more Eau et Vie projects, taking initiatives and taking part in carried out actions. For instance, community representatives spontaneously decided to schedule regular neighborhood clean-up activities and close illegal wells. Such civic initiatives did not exist prior to Eau et Vie start of operation in these areas.

Community involvement in development projects implementation is essential to ensure the sustainability of the action and also contributes enhancing community building.

Projects are thus adapted to people needs as they are designed and developed by the community, and so ensuring actions sustainability.

People, as they are actors of a project, feel satisfaction for its success and thus strengthen their self-esteem. Impacts are substantial: realising that it can participate to its living conditions improvement, the community finds motivation and desire to fight for other issues.