Sanitation: a major challenge

Population explosion in big cities was not matched with development of adequate sanitation infrastructures. The situation is even more critical in depressed urban areas with a high population density.
In slums, some houses are equipped with their own private toilets, but lack efficient emptying systems. Others use communal latrines or, failing that, defecate in the open. Because of almost non-existent sewerage systems, waste water and surface water stagnate in the open and spread numerous bacteria.

These almost UNBEARABLE conditions lead to numerous sanitation and environmental issues.

Eau et Vie respond

Water access being closely linked to sanitation, Eau et Vie designed a global approach to answer these cascading needs. Eau et Vie local teams make an assessment of existing sanitation services (review of the situation, related actors, existing strategies...), on each operation area. Sewerage systems (waste water and surface water) are designed by technical teams. Eau et Vie negotiates with local authorities to IMPLEMENT A SUSTAINABLE SEWERAGE SYSTEM as well as COMPLETE LATRINE EQUIPMENTS, in partnership with communities and local and international actors of this sector.

Local organizations

Local organizations, Water and Life Philippines and Water and Life Bangladesh, work in partnership with local authorities and business actors of the sector to implement sanitation projects, in response to specific needs expressed by slum districts.

“To reduce by half, by 2015, the percentage of people with no access to (...) basic sanitation services.”

“Reduce by two-thirds, from 1990 to 2015, the under-5 mortality rate.”

Target 7C and 4A of the Millennium Development Goals (United Nations)

Data remain alarming:

2.4 billion people have no access to adequate sanitation.

The lack of adequate sanitation in developing countries is the leading cause of under-5 mortality.

In most of the developing world, unsafe water is a greater threat to human security than violent conflicts.

Source: Oxfam